Make: *RouteSV*

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# Make: RouteSV

I tried to build hello RouteSV.

It's still unstable, but if you're gentle with it, it will work :-D

"Initially, we'll draw the GPS, and then we'll raise the GPS to the blockchain."

It was just an idea, but the times haven't caught up with us to implement what we want to do :-b

But that's okay. There was so much that could be done.
Images and text, weather and voice... GPS can be raised as long as it's light ;-)

I'll save that for the future.


# Howto: RouteSV
You need to log in with your Money Button account to begin with.

Please try to log in first. It is in the top left corner of the top page.


# Howto: Post

Means of raising large files are being developed by the minute, and we are building them at RouteSV.

The image is currently resized so that one side of the image is 680px in height and width. (If the size is large).

Please feel free to post Title and Text of small size. It's not all about photos and GPS.

When the GPS is up, it can be linked with WetherSV.
I would have liked to work with Streamanity, but Streamanity seems to be busy right now :-D

Updates and deletions can be done by item. The hiding of the entire page will be implemented in the future.

If you are wondering how much it costs to upload, it's not my fault :-)

On the blockchain, the data is encrypted up. It's text, it's images, it's GPS.


# Howto: Map

The map is drawn using MapSV. The map is made possible by donations. If you are interested, please visit us :-)

URL: [](


# Next: :pizza:

It is encrypted on the blockchain, even if you paste it here using Youtube's limited publicity. What will happen when the time comes for this page to be sold?